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Practical information:

The mantrailing dates will be announced every 20th of each month for the following month on my social networks! Follow me on Instagram or Facebook to stay informed !


Playful mantrailing

What is this? 

Mantrailing is a tracking technique used by professionals to search for missing people.

As part of the playful mantrailing we are not looking for people who have actually disappeared but for people who will voluntarily go into hiding for the duration of the exercise. 

You want learn more? It isHERE

For who?

Playful mantrailing can be practiced from 3 months and without age limit. In fact, the exercises will be adapted according to each dog, but also according to the dog owner. All types of dogs are welcome (from Chihuahua to Great Dane to Bulldog, we do not discriminate!) For the simple reason that they are all capable of using their sense of smell and all have great olfactory abilities.


Price and material:

Mantrailing is an outdoor activity during which you will have to walk on various types of terrain (forest, paths, city, etc.). Here is the recommended equipment:


For you:

  • A pair of comfortable sneakers type shoes/hiking shoes.

  • Clothing adapted to the season and comfortable for going through terrain such as woods, paths, fields, etc.

  • Some water.

  • A safety vest (this can be loaned to you the same day.)

For your dog: ​

  • A comfortable Y-harness.

  • A lanyard between 5 and 8m (10m can work if you are used to handling it and are fairly reactive).

  • Rewards.

  • Water and a bowl.

The price is of 35€ for the discovery session and 45€ for training sessions (dog duo + 1 person). The duration of the sessions varies from 2 hours to 4 hours depending on the number of participants.

Accompanying people can come for free.

Packages :350€ for 10 sessions, or 200€ for 5 sessions

The most important thing is to remains your motivation and joy ;)

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