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My dog can't stand being alone:

Why can I help you?

Because I've been there before you with my own dog,you are not alone! I know how hard it can beexhaustingmorally and financially.

If you think you've tried everything (tv on, stuffed kongs, cage etc..) with no real success, then I'mthe  good person to help you!

I was trained by real recognized professionals, and I continue to train myself every month! Do not hesitate to consultthis pageIf you wantmore informationson my journey.

But what is it exactly?

Separation anxiety in dogs is manifested by apanic fearto stay alone. It manifests itself through different behaviors such asdestruction, themvocalize, defecating indoors, or even self-harm.

The dog in these moments is unable to manage his emotions and does not know how to exteriorize his anxiety. It must be understood that he does not produce these behaviors with the aim of harming us or taking revenge, but simply because he is indistressand don't know how to calm this fear. 

"My dog destroys my furniture when I'm away"

"My dog urinates and poops in it when I leave when it was clean"

"My dog barks non-stop when I'm not there and my neighbors can't take it anymore"

"My dog gnaws her front paws until she bleeds"

All these testimonials speak of dogs who suffer from the same thing: theseparation anxiety

Chien ayant détruit une peluche
chien golden allongé sur le dos les pattes en l'air

There is a solution!

Now that you know what it is, I can confirm that there is a proper solution:systematic desensitization

After an initial interview allowing me to measure your dog's level of anxiety, I will guide you to deal with the problem step by step, with a personalized protocol and support each week.

The goal is to desensitize the dog to the initial signals, then to accustom him to being alone gradually over longer and longer periods of time.

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